Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Taking your problems to a Psychotherapist could be of value if you are feeling helpless, anxious, fearful and confused or simply wanting to know more about yourself.

Over the course of weekly sessions the psychotherapist will gently encourage you to talk about yourself. This can be the first step towards confronting your problems and giving meaning and coherence to your present state of mind.

The process of Psychotherapy involves arriving at a better understanding of your own inner nature and the influences that have made you who you are: your childhood, parents, culture, beliefs and present situation.

With greater self-understanding you could begin to feel less helpless and confused, less trapped within disturbing thoughts and behaviors as well as within the pattern of relationships in which you find yourself.

Your relationship with the Psychotherapist has many facets to it, but listening to you and containing or holding your anxiety is at its very heart.

The Psychotherapist will over time help you find a way to express your thoughts and feelings in the knowledge that nothing you say will be dismissed as irrelevant or passed judgment over and that all will be kept confidential.

With the support of your Psychotherapist you could take the first steps towards taking control over the unhappy and troublesome aspects of your life and situation.

You could develop a more compassionate respect for the person you are and begin to change your way of dealing with events in your life.

Letting go of some of the bitterness or anger or desperation that drove you into seeking psychotherapy can be the consequence of engaging in this process.

However this is not an easy process to participate in at times and requires commitment and perseverance.

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